Vector-Smart-Object-copy-8 Mr. Sukkasem Khamthavee Vector-Smart-Object-copy-8

(Managing Director)

›Company founder.

›A student in Bangkok.

›Worked for a shipping company.

›Lived his life in San Francisco.

›Top best car salesperson.

›Coffee Lover.

He moved to Bangkok to get education. After Graduate, He worked with shipping company and move to The USA.

He Waiter at  Italian restaurant.  And  A car dealer company.  Reward Best salesperson.

During in USA, he drank coffee very often. And I fall in love with coffee.

After returning to Thailand. He worked for a Japanese company as a sale person.

To Make the dream come true.

He started his 1st coffee shop, named “The Coffee Bean Espresso bar” with his own roasting machine (5 kg. Fuji Royal).  Owning the coffee shop was not his answer for coffee business.

In 1997 , He decided to establish his company, named “The Coffee Bean Roasting”.