Wild Honey

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Weight :
  • Type: Fresh roasted whole beans coffee
  • Altitude: 1,250 – 1,500 masl.
  • Roast lavels: Medium Roast
  • Ingredient: Catimor, Caturra, Typica
  • Beans size: S15 mm. up
  • Origin: Chiang rai, Thailand
  • Process: Pulped Natural
  • How to brew:
    Espresso MachineCone FilterDrip Coffee MakerChemex
    AeropressFrench PressStovetopSyphon


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The processing style because our goal is to offer coffees with unique flavors that reflect the origin. Since Honey Processing leaves all the fruit on the beans during drying the cup takes on the intensity and full flavors found in the Ripe Cofffee Cherry.

Cupping Notes

  • Aroma : Caramel Sweet
  • Flavor : Caramel Sweetness, Milk Chocolate flavour with a touch of Apricot notes.
  • Acidity : Low acidity
  • Body and Mouth fell : medium body with creamy mouth feel
  • Aftertaste : Pleasant
  • Overall : With a good body and great flavours, wild honey is delicious for espresso.

How to brew

Brewing ratio for 1 cup
•Use roasted whole bean for about 10 g. (1 full table spoon) and grind the coffee bean.
•After grinding the coffee, put them into a container with filter such as French press, Drip filter or Espresso machine.
•Boil hot water at 95 degree and pour into the ground coffee with about 120-150 cc.
•Each brewing equipment takes up to 4 minute to brew the good coffee.

The Coffee Bean Roasting Company Limited is paying attention to select all the beans delicately and we produce our roasted bean under high standard of GMP, Thai FDA and HALAL. Our customers surely trust our food hygiene grade.

Tasting Notes

Diagram Means Aftertaste
Aroma – The way of coffee smells could possibly be nutty, fruity, chocolaty or others. These aromas would be related to the coffee’s flavor.
Acidity – It is not only the sour but also the bright taste could feel about the cup of coffee. Acidity also means a range of flavor; citrus, cherries or berries which you can taste from your cup.
Bitterness – Another factor of bitter characteristic could be from the level of roasting. In addition, the roaster wants to present the strong taste, the longer time and high temperature techniques are applied with the roast levels.
Body – In term of body, it expresses the richness or heaviness when the coffee is touched the tongue.
Aftertaste – Aftertaste is about finishing a cup and still remains some aroma or flavors in your mouth. The range of aftertaste may feel balance and smooth, which it depends on the bean’s source and the roasting level.


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