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(Managing Director)

Meet our Founder

From industrial manufacturer to a simple, tasty cup of coffee.

“From industrial manufacturer to a simple, tasty cup of coffee”  is one of Mr. Sukkasem (Kai) Khamthavee favorite quotes. Being the Managing Director/Founder of The Coffee Bean Roasting Co., Ltd, has been his dream since 1987 when he was an explorer who was ambitious for future challenges in the Monterey, California.

With his passion and hardworking personality, he has managed to achieve what we want her to conquer his dreams little by little. From being a busboy in a small café to a top sales manager for a famous car dealer. Having the ability to achieve your dreams and overcome multiple challenges, Mr. Sukkasem has never seemed to forget his most important dream of all which was to be the master of the coffee industry.

Coming back to Thailand his goal has never slipped his mind but he thought to himself, “To be able to conquer the market, you have to KNOW the market,” he then applied for a job at a famous machinery company with his very little knowledge about it. With only a Vocational Certificate in his hand, he walked into the company with his ambitious and courageous attitude and requested for a job and a paycheck that most people thought was “CRAZY”, but the founder believed differently.

After the interview, Mr. Sukkasem proved many people wrong and became a worthier employee that the company thought he ever will be. However, with only 2-3 years with the company, Mr. Sukkasem resigned and continued his passion for coffee.

In 1997 Mr. Sukkasem opened his first coffee shop called “The Coffee Bean Espresso Bar” at Seacon Square and also opened his own coffee roasting brand called “ The Coffee Bean Roasting Co., Ltd.” Yes, that day he was happy and overwhelmed with what he had accomplished yet there was one thing that he notices overtime.

The challenge was that his coffee shop is interfering with his scope of being the number one in the coffee industry. After some decisions talking between him and his wife, Mrs. Sansiri (Pui) Khamthavee, they both have decided to narrow their scope to only the coffee roasting business. That year, they locate their first roasting factory in Rama 9.

With a big dreams comes bigger responsibilities, Mr. Sukkasem felt like the factory and office in the same room makes a very unsafe and unfriendly environment for the workers and the community around them, so they moved from Chokchai 4 for a slightly bigger space but this place did not feel right for him because unfortunately, the pollution that came from the coffee roaster somehow disturb the community. After the many complaints and serious decision making, he finally moved his factory to Bang-Plee for a bigger size and scale for his new factory.

Everything was going very well for Mr. Sukkasem and his dream. Companies were contacting him and the products were selling very well. At this moment, it seems like everything is there and his dream is accomplished but not in his mind. “If you want to be the best, you have to think like the best,” he said.

Once he had said that, he went to study more in-depth about coffee and successfully named a “Q Arabica Grader”, a term that is heard of more and more in the specialty coffee industry. He is qualified to give a coffee an SCAA score out of 100 and can, therefore, classify it as being specialty or non-specialty. Shortly after that, he was named the Vice President of the Thai Coffee Association.

Once this life-changing event happened to him, he decided that he is almost that the top of the coffee industry but not quite there yet. With his passion for coffee and specialty, he opened his new (current factory) in 2017.

This factory is located in Pathumthani province which reeled in bigger opportunity for the OEM business that he has been running ever since he opened his company. He was even fortunate enough to work with multiple big brands and made him a very well-known for the coffee industry.